who are those girls??

DO PEOPLE EVEN READ ANYMORE? (if so, see below)

Meet Ali and Giselle. This duo met by chance two years ago, and despite both having a "no new friends" moment, quickly found out there was something v yin and yang going on.

Ali had recently come back from a small sabbatical after buying a house and renovating it DIY style. She realized she had a deep love for power tools and making things new again. When Ali wasn’t at Home Depot, chatting with Don in plumbing, she was spending her summer days planting flowers at her new home.

During the same time, Giselle was moving a thousand miles a minute trying to do all the things at her shop in Deep Ellum. Since opening the doors to Jade & Clover 10 months before, there was barely a second to sit down. She had spent most of her adult life opening an array of shops and concepts, and loved the ever-changing, never-ending hustle, but was running low on fuel.

Little did they know this would be the beginning of many adventures together. Shortly after, Ali quit her “day job”, began working with Giselle full-time. After endless late nights painting shelves and more than a few 2 Buck Chucks, the pair dreamed up Petal Pushers.

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